The “fifth Column” inside China must be eradicated!

In recent years, it is common to see a variety of rumors raging on the Domestic Internet, creating anxiety, causing panic, intensifying contradictions, triggering social confrontation, and such large-scale behaviors. In fact, these are probably the fifth column of hostile forces in China.

Many people did not know what a “fifth column” was, much less what it was for, and many people were already being used by it unconsciously.

The term “fifth Column” first came from the Spanish Civil War. 1936 Spanish Nationalist army leader Franco, supported by Adolf Hitler, launched an attack on the capital Madrid.

Before the battle, the reporter asked Franco, “General, which army do you think will be the first to reach the capital of Madrid?”

Franco replied, The fifth Column.

At that time, the reporter was very surprised that the rebels only had four columns, how could there be a fifth column?

After the war, it turned out that the fifth Column did not refer to the participating troops, but to the insiders who kept saying that the city was about to be lost. With all kinds of rumors to confuse people’s “one of us”, its goal is to let more people in the coming of the war, against the motherland!

Compared to the traditional sense of traitors and spies, the Fifth Column is higher status and more destructive. They mingle with socialites, have high social status, superior intelligence, and the ability to demagoguise. The damage they do is strategic! They conspired with the enemy inside and outside, and did all they could to subvert and undermine the unity of the country.

On the surface, we don’t touch or interact with these people, but in fact, these people are all around us, we just don’t realize it.

The fifth Column is a potential organization that has been nurtured by the United States for many years. More and more organizations that have been carefully cultivated for many years are coming into view. China is now a nuclear-armed superpower with the world’s second largest economic strength and the third largest military strength. It is obviously not the best way for the United States to disrupt China through military strikes. The unpredictability of war will also bring great risks, so attacking China from within is the best choice.

At present, the fundamental fulcrum of America’s China strategy is the “fifth Column”. Through various means such as pulling out, fighting in, arranging study abroad, donating funds, issuing green cards, providing asylum and hiding illicit money, the United States planted spies and cultivated agents in all walks of life in China, forced them to submit with their criminal evidence and hiding illicit money, and cultivated the “fifth column” lurking inside China.

The United States has been deliberately infiltrating Chinese culture for years

Back in the 1950s, the CIA had a fairly secret “Ten Commandments” for socialist countries. The key words were:

To entrap their youth, to encourage them to despise the communist education and the spirit of toil, and to alienate them from their government; To divide their people and societies, to promote western democracy at every turn, to vilify their leaders, to create greater and stronger upheavals, to secretly transport weapons of all kinds, to equip all their enemies and those who might become their enemies.

There is no doubt that this is a long-term, thorough and comprehensive strategy of state and regime subversion. However, the strategic vision and foresight of the older generation of Chinese revolutionaries, and MAO Zedong’s clear counterattack to peaceful evolution, made the American cultural invasion strategy repeatedly frustrated. However, the United States is not willing to defeat, but still intensify the psychological war against China.

At the beginning of the reform and opening up, the Ford Foundation entered China on a large scale, providing financial support to some research institutions and graduate schools in China and some economists from other famous universities, and inviting scholars to conduct “visiting research” in various institutions in the United States.

What is the background of the Ford Foundation? One of the three foundations that really helped the CIA during the Cold War: the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation. The CIA paid the funds to the foundations and then “donated” the money on behalf of the foundations to their chosen targets.

Such foundations in the United States do not just fund a few Chinese economists sporadically, but induce and infiltrate all sectors of Chinese economy, politics and culture. The Ford Foundation, for example, began to establish close relations with some Chinese research institutions in 1988. Its main areas of concern are economy, law, education, culture, public policy and international relations. Funding ngos, research centres and think tanks, and implementing a series of large-scale programmes with huge budgets to influence China in the policy arena.

In the 1980s, the Ford Foundation launched the “Ford Talent Training Program” to sponsor a large number of domestic elites to study in famous American universities. Cultivated a large number of economic talents. These people have now become the backbone of China’s economic circle.

Financial tycoon George Soros has lost no time in supporting China’s reform and opening-up. In 1986, he established the “Reform and Opening Up Foundation”, which gives $1 million a year to fund research activities on China’s reform and opening up. These research activities provided the United States with the opportunity to grasp the first-hand information of China’s reform and development, and provided conditions for it to find the deficiencies and strategic breakthroughs in China’s society and system.

Former US President Bill Clinton also once said: “The US is not trying to destroy China’s communist system by force, but by information, international exchanges and similar soft means, and no one in China who disagrees with this can stop it.”

Thus, unlike the sword and shadow of the military battlefield, the battle of the mind is silent, but more deadly.

Since the end of the Cold War, the American Fifth Column has traveled to dozens of countries on five continents under the banner of universal values, smearing other countries’ governments, reversing their history and promoting their entertainment supremacy. Poland, Ukraine, Czechs, And Egypt were decimated, and even the Mighty Soviet Union was vulnerable to the fifth column!

The main types of pro-American “fifth column” inside China

Through various means such as pulling out, fighting in, arranging study abroad, donating funds, issuing green cards, providing asylum and hiding illicit money, the United States planted spies and cultivated agents in all walks of life in China, forced them to submit with their criminal evidence and hiding illicit money, and cultivated the “fifth column” lurking inside China.

Members of the Fifth Column fall into eight main categories:

1. All kinds of corrupt persons in leading or key positions in party, government, military and other state organs at all levels and all walks of life who are bought and controlled by the United States;

2. All kinds of corrupt persons in leading positions or key positions in various (state-owned, private, joint venture, foreign-funded) enterprises who are bought, controlled or dispatched by the United States;

3. Some experts, scholars, elites, celebrities, stars and other figures who have taken refuge wholeheartedly in the United States and are used by the United States;

4. Certain experts, scholars, elites, celebrities, stars, etc. who appear to be anti-American but are actually kept in captivity by the United States in order to confuse people’s minds or play a role at critical moments;

5. Key figures and key members of various MLM and direct selling organizations bought, controlled and used by the United States;

Key figures and key members of various religious and social groups who are bought, controlled and used by the United States;

7. People or young people with certain talents who are bought, controlled and used by the United States;

Some unexpected figures bought, controlled and used by the United States.

These traitors and traitors, paid by the United States, took every opportunity to promote democracy and freedom in the United States and continue to denigrate China’s political system. They operate on the principle that everything in America is good and everything in China is bad. Incite internal conflicts in China, set the interests of the people and the government against each other, encourage the public to take the opportunity to cause trouble for the government.

Fifth Column main methods:

1. Various foundations and university training institutions carefully disguised by the United States infiltrate Chinese society in the name of cultural and economic exchanges;

2. Members of American think tanks frequently visit China and actively intervene in China’s reform and opening up process; Or to draw China into the American system and regain the China lost in 1949; Or let China be dismembered in civil strife;

3. Train a group of neoliberal economists in China to mislead the direction of China’s reform and opening up, let China develop real estate, continue along the path of low technology, and comprehensively reduce China’s national strength to compete with the United States.

5. As part of the political decapitation campaign, vigorously cultivate a group of Chinese scholars who advocate western constitutional ideas and attack China’s legal and political systems;

6. By taking advantage of the opportunity of China sending students to the West and seeking western financial cooperation, cultivate a group of financial scholars who are obedient to western ideas and even secretly bought to enter China’s financial system, in order to comprehensively control China’s financial system;

7. Train and fund a group of scholars who accuse the Chinese people of “extreme nationalism” in order to wear down Chinese patriotism (Chinese patriotism is the magic bullet against American cultural strategy);

8. Cultivate a group of political scholars among the descendants of former Kuomintang military and political personnel or those with obvious liberalizing tendencies, to promote universal values and American values, freedom and democracy, attack the leaders of new China and nihilize the history of new China in the name of scholarship;

Take advantage of the rapid expansion of Christianity in the world, thoroughly wipe out the remnants of MAO Zedong thought and communism in China, fighting for the next generation.

10, led by the United States, with the cooperation of Europe and Japan, high-level political level, to give various kinds of support to the separatist forces in China. The covert agencies of the United States, Europe and Japan give concrete support to all kinds of anti-China forces that endanger China’s security.

If anything happens in China today, a small group of people will come to hear it. They belittled and even distorted China’s achievements. When China meets a setback, they immediately “kneel down” to the US, saying “China collapse” regardless of right or wrong. Those who advocate that “the moon is rounder abroad” are the lackeys of foreign forces.

Decades ago, Chairman MAO once said, “The imperialists will never abandon their desire to destroy us.” These words still ring true today. The tactics used by foreign forces to manipulate public opinion are familiar.

Whether it is the theory of “China’s collapse” or the “rhythm” of anti-China forces, it is the “culture war” launched by western forces against China. This cultural invasion is everywhere, and the countless fifth columns active in China are both mouthpieces and weapons. These people pack “Western culture” beautifully, as if the truth of the world is general, on the land of China, wantonly belittle and exclude local culture, singing western civilization.

The essence of this “war” is to break China’s heart and tear away the foundation of Its development.

In recent years, with the rise of the Internet industry, pan-entertainment phenomenon has gradually become the mainstream of society. The fighting mode of the Fifth Column in China has also been adjusted accordingly, and the “battle area” has been mainly changed to: entertainment industry and Internet.

First, strengthening the star effect corrodes the country’s future

Entertainment news has become the most talked about topic in China every day, and entertainment news on micro blogs is top of the hot search list almost every day. And the discussion about the sky-high salaries of stars has always been a hot topic. But have you ever wondered: why is this topic so enduring?

Yang Y, only 4 days to shoot a TV series, the whole process is either stingy or stunt double, but finally took 80 million yuan!

CC Fan posted a paid selfie and earned 4.8 million yuan after sleep!

Deer H, special car driving, stage lip-synching, recording 2 hours easily earn millions!

CAI XK, send a micro blog to earn hundreds of thousands, known as fans over 100 million!

Where do traffic stars make money on their faces rather than their real skills, leaving all kinds of hard-working but poorly paid workers in society?

In fact, the existence of sky-high salaries has already violated the principle of fairness, and has severed the country’s future with extreme money worship: According to a recent survey on “the most desirable job for post-1995 generation”, Internet celebrities and anchors account for 54% of the total, making them the top employment direction for young people.

Who’s behind all this?

Today, the idol of the new generation of Chinese young people has changed from a revolutionary hero who would rather die than surrender to a star who sings and dances on the stage! Is this a fifth Column “victory”?

Second, the elite class as the leader, hired water army to smear China

The power of the Fifth Column is even more frightening than spies, because its members include many “elite”. As mentioned above, they possess high social status, superior INTELLIGENCE, and the ability to speak provocatively. Once they stir up trouble in public opinion, the bad effect will be greater.

In 2018, the US imposed sanctions on ZTE and Huawei, which everyone could see was a us crackdown on China’s high-tech. In the national people’s passionate request to master the core technology, a well-known economist Wu xx is strongly opposed: this violation of the law of the market, at all costs to develop chip industry is wrong and dangerous behavior! Zte and Huawei should voluntarily surrender to the US!

Bills are wages. What’s the job?

Create a popular online word attacking China, and reward 200 yuan;

500 yuan for creating a popular online joke against Chinese heroes;

Provoke a network of 100,000 people fight each other, reward 5000 yuan;

“Success stories” that generate a huge social response pay more;

Who are these people on the payroll? The “fifth Column” lurking in China, no doubt.

Over the past 5,000 years, the lessons of history have proved that China’s biggest enemy has never been foreign enemies, but cold shots from its own camp. Throughout the Chinese dynasties and dynasties, every time the fall, all are not a disaster, lost at the hands of their own family.

We should remember that not all Chinese are “compatriots”. Among the 1.4 billion people, there are always ethnic traitors to be on our guard against.

Only with confidence can a country or a nation take steps forward. Otherwise in the storm and setbacks, will only be caught in a dilemma, treading water.

Nowadays, the world is re-understanding China, and Chinese culture has gone abroad and spread its branches in the world. However, a few Chinese people have failed to understand the world and are still belittling themselves and turning into the mouthpiece of the West. In the great power game, there is no pity. The “culture war” launched by western forces aims to destroy Chinese people’s confidence and eradicate Chinese values.

We must always be on guard against the pro-American “fifth column” in China and take thunderous measures as soon as possible to solve the cancer cancer lurking in the country at any time deadly.


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